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Transforming the Sales Process in Webmy: From the Sales Funnel to the Customer Cycle

Transforming the Sales Process in Webmy: From the Sales Funnel to the Customer Cycle

In the fast-changing world of digital marketing , traditional strategies are being replaced by more dynamic, customer-focused approaches. At Webmy, a marketing agency specializing in Shopify , we've embraced this shift and moved from the traditional sales funnel to the flywheel model.

The Sales Funnel: An Evolving Model

The sales funnel, a linear process that starts with a large number of potential buyers and narrows as they progress through different stages to a purchase, has been a mainstay in sales strategies for decades. However, in the digital age, this model has had to adapt to the new forms of interaction between customers and companies.

The Customer Cycle: A Customer-Centric Approach

Instead of seeing customers as entities going through a funnel, at Webmy we see them as part of a continuous cycle of interactions. This cycle, known as the "flywheel," is based on the idea that current customers are a driving force in attracting and retaining new customers. By providing an exceptional customer experience , these satisfied customers can generate referrals and repeat sales, which in turn fuel the growth of the company.

Implementing the Flywheel Model

To implement a flywheel model, it is essential to understand that current customers are more influential than anything else. Testimonials and experiences from these customers are a powerful tool in attracting new customers. Additionally, it is important to identify areas of strength and friction in the sales process. Forces are those that drive the sales process forward, while frictions are the obstacles that can slow it down.

Maximizing Forces and Minimizing Frictions

At Webmy, we work to maximize forces and minimize friction in our sales process. This allows us to provide an exceptional customer experience, which in turn fuels our flywheel and helps us grow.


At Webmy we have adopted the flywheel model to adapt to the reality of the customer experience in the digital age. By doing so, we have been able to provide an exceptional customer experience and use our current customers as a driving force to attract and retain new customers. This approach has allowed us to grow and prosper in an increasingly digital and customer-centric world.

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