Facebook Business Manager is the free tool from Facebook that helps us carry out digital marketing actions for our company in the most efficient way. It is designed to be able to manage several accounts and work in teams in one place. In this post we show you how to create the business manager correctly.

But, first of all, why is it interesting for your business to have a Business Manager account ?

Well, as I have already anticipated, for advertise on social media , man! Or are you one of those who think that advertising on Facebook is useless?

I hope not because then this post would be of no use to you and, apart from that, you would be losing money.

That being said: creating a Business Manager will not only make it easier for you to communicate with your potential clients, but it will also allow you to have greater control over your pages, accounts, projects, etc. In addition, the platform allows collaboration with other companies and provides additional features such as pixel sharing, catalogs, stores, etc.

Ok, now to the important thing:

How to create a Business Manager account?

Easy. The first thing you should do is make sure that your personal Facebook account is properly optimized and complies with all platform policies.

The second, strictly follow the steps indicated by the official Facebook Business page:

1. Go to https://business.facebook.com/overview

2. Click on “Create account”.

3. Enter a name for your business, provide your name and work email address, and click "Next."

From Webmy We recommend that the owner of the company is the one who creates the business manager account , with his email and personal data, in case there is any problem in the future with the administrator roles and access could be lost.

It is also important to note that You can only create two accounts in Business Manager . If you need more, you'll need to work with someone else in your organization to create additional Business Manager accounts.

4. Enter the business details and click “Submit”.

We are already inside!

The game starts.

Now it's time for a trip through the two main sections of the Business Manager in which you can Control everything that happens in your business :

Facebook Business Manager

In this section you can manage and modify a large number of settings related to your company's configuration and information:

  • users
  • accounts
  • Data Sources
  • brand safety
  • records
  • integrations
  • Payment methods
  • Security Center
  • requests
  • notifications
  • business information
  • setup guide

Facebook Ads Manager

I could tell you how to make campaigns that they would surprise even Zuckerberg , but it would be throwing stones at our own roof.

Better put yourself in the hands of our experts that will help you generate more income through the social networks.

But remember that on Facebook ads are easy, the difficult thing is to understand how to propose the strategy to systematize and scale the campaigns. The difficult thing is not to execute it, it is to think how to execute it. And at Webmy we know a lot about this.