Webmy, the revolutionary email marketing company

If you want to reach the top of your sector, earn sales and, of course, profits, Webmy is your best option! This digital marketing agency is at the forefront of developing new strategies, as an email marketing company, but also in all other aspects of digital marketing.

What is the best we can offer you? Undoubtedly our comprehensive strategy service, the Digital Package . We analyze your case individually and develop the perfect strategy for growth to be unstoppable!

You will be able to count on a plan that is suitable for you, that works all the sticks. SEO, advertising, web development... And of course, email marketing.

With a compact strategy, the different services reinforce each other, improving the results of all at the same time.

Therefore, if you want to increase customer acquisition through mailing campaigns, having good support from the rest of the strategies will be perfect for you. Webmy, for this and many other things, such as its close treatment and constant communication, is positioned at the head of email marketing and digital marketing companies.

BlackBeast: burst with energy

We cannot deny it, the arrival of BlackBeast in the world of digital marketing was quite a stir.

The energy of a young team , wanting to take over the world, is noted in its facet as an email marketing company but well. Their values ​​are perfectly reflected in their campaigns. Professionalism, exquisite design, a lot of passion and almost unhealthy attention to detail. Not for nothing do they offer a premium service. 

Its members are not really afraid of anything. They go after any objective, always giving their best. An example of this? They work in almost any language. They are not limited to Spanish. They like to expand their horizons in the best way.

If what you want is quality versus quantity, it may be your trump card.

The Lift, the little push you need

The Lift team boasts of its experience as an email marketing company. Behind him he has more than 15 years at the foot of the canyon.

They dare with all kinds of clients, from different sectors and sizes. What they want is undoubtedly to fulfill their purpose and help them reach higher. The best? That they achieve it thanks to their experience. 

Web and Contents, work your website and… Its contents

The truth is that the people of Web and Content make everything very clear with their name. This email marketing and digital marketing company puts a lot of emphasis on words and communication.

If you want to launch punchy and well-written mailing campaigns, give them a try. I'm sure you won't regret it.

They will also work on all the texts on your website , social networks... Always with the idea of ​​transmitting the values ​​of your brand in the best possible way so that it directly impacts the potential customer's desire to spend money.

ROIncrease, the results you are looking for

Do you have an SME? Do you want to get results through a well thought out strategy? ROIncrease is for you. As an email marketing company, they tirelessly pursue effectiveness.

You have a problem? Don't worry, they have a solution . They are always at the forefront, implementing the latest techniques. Furthermore, they make sure that it works by first testing it by applying it to their own case.

You know, if you are looking for efficient email marketing companies, at ROIncrease they know what they are doing.

Unlimited Growth, Peter Pan's greatest enemy

If you do not want to stop growing, then it is best that you have the help of Unlimited Growth. It is one of the digital marketing companies that has grown the most in recent years, so when they tell you that they are going to take you to a much higher level, they know something about it.

Of course, they also pay a lot of attention to the quality of everything they do. His commitment to his clients is ironclad. Their goal is to always keep growing together.

As it could not be otherwise, its services, apart from as an email marketing company, also transcend other areas of the world of digital marketing. The good thing about this? If you want, you can hire other types of services to help reinforce your mailing campaigns.

Elogia, an agency that never stops receiving compliments

There is no doubt that Elogia is one of the favorite email marketing companies of many. They search and search until they find the perfect strategy for your business. They know that email marketing is a really effective channel and therefore they do not hesitate to exploit it.

They have been sending emails since the last century, so they know all the communication strategies they must follow to click on the heads of potential customers.

If you have an e-commerce, you can consider hiring their services without fear of taking risks.

Mediaclick, results at the click of a mouse

This email marketing company exudes youth. Very dynamic, their strong point is undoubtedly social networks, but they have also demonstrated their solvency as an email marketing company.

At Mediaclick they do a great job, always attached to the client. They have continuous communication as the basis of success. The best thing without a doubt is that you find out about everything they do, since it is not little!

Adqueria Marketing: colorful strategies

As an email marketing and digital marketing company, in Adqueria they have a good run. Neither more nor less than 15 years!

Their optimization strategies are key to helping different companies grow. They put effort and determination into everything they do and that ends up showing.

In case you want to have an unbeatable experience, with plans developed by experts, you can visit everything they offer.

Important factors that email marketing companies put to use

It may seem like email marketing companies work magic by increasing the sales of your business. In a certain sense it is like that, but there is always some trick behind it. In this case, there are a series of determining factors or points that must be carried out to achieve the greatest success with the campaigns.

Do you want to know what they are? Go for it!

good design

Like everything on the internet, email marketing companies must meticulously take care of the design of the emails that they send We already know that today we live in an extremely visual world. If the content doesn't enter your eyes from the first second... It's probably no use anymore.

A newsletter It must have a design in keeping with your brand, with its values ​​and with the sensations you want to convey.

Of course, basics such as the logo should not be missing in the template that is prepared for it. In addition, it is valuable that the content of the email does not go in a single image, even if there is text inside. The best thing is that it includes a good copy focused on reinforcing the purpose and that, at the level of the design itself, it integrates well with the rest of the content.

quality words

We have just mentioned it briefly, but it is that for any email marketing company, it must be essential to work on the quality of its content. A good copy hooks potential customers, reinforces the intention of the message and above all, manages to convince.

The content that is offered must have value for the people to whom it reaches them, if it does not have it, they will not pay attention to it. This does not mean that they are only informational emails, they can also be promotional, but that they arouse the interest of those who receive them.

Impact from arrival

All email marketing companies work on another quite relevant factor. Do you remember that we said that you have to capture attention from the first glance? Based on images, we do it with the design. When it comes to the very entry on the arrival tray, what becomes vitally relevant is the subject matter.

Concise, punchy and somewhat mysterious.

A bad subject can cause the mail to go directly to the trash. We don't want that. So, perhaps it is worth investing a little time in thinking about what we are going to put.

Do not limit the mail to reading

Finding that a newsletter does not end in a simple reading is another of the challenges that email marketing companies face. This is where the CTA, acronym in English for "Call to action" or "call to action" in Spanish.

After putting out an irresistible offer, it's best to place a button that takes the potential buyer directly to a URL where they can take advantage of the discount.

In this case, it will be good for you to plan a bit about the place in the email where you are going to place said button. Email marketing companies also specialize in this. Through tests (AB test) it is possible to identify the site where by placing said button, people are more likely to click.

Be aware of the moment

It's Christmas? Valentine's Day? St. Patrick?! If there is a set date , many people are already waiting for discounts, willing to spend their money on the best offer... Or the one that sounds most convincing.

You have to take advantage of these moments and drag all that public that is sharpening their knives waiting for a succulent discount.

You can support this strategy with a good thematic design of the newsletter. Put some little hearts in that Valentine's Day! Some snowflakes and some reindeer? Let it be known that Santa Claus is about to fall!


If you've already seen it 30 times before... It loses steam. Each email has to have a unique point that amazes. If you already know what they are going to tell you, you are not going to bother to open the email.

Email marketing companies are responsible for causing, above all, effect. Like that amazing goal, which had a great effect on the ball... That goal is the one we are going to score, with effect. Unstoppable.

Generate immediacy

Surely the flash offers sound familiar to you. 24 hours and everything disappears! While stocks last! These are phrases that few resist and in email marketing companies we know it.

It is best to make use of it. A good issue that generates this urgency will make the potential buyer more receptive to opening the email and at least finding out about the offer.

It goes without saying that if it was someone who was thinking about whether to buy the product or not, this gives them a little push to make a firm decision.

However, it should not be abused.

Why? For a simple reason. We don't want impulsive customers who buy that one time and never see them checkout again. What interests us are recurring customers. Let them know that you are the best and become good, trusted customers!

So you know, don't wait for your business to magically pay off. The magic is already made by us! At Webmy we are going to help you achieve that goal that seems to be resisting.