The importance of gaining followers on Instagram

Instagram has become a very powerful social network. Have over a billion users active on the network and is growing at a much faster rate than other social networks. In fact, after the implementation of the new functions, the forecast is that it will continue to grow.

The use of images in content marketing brings amazing results for any type of business.

There are so many reasons why having a following on Instagram has gained and will continue to gain importance for any business, creator or artist looking to build a strong digital presence to grow on the platform, which is why we decided to dig in to bring you an even more comprehensive continuation of our article on The best tips to gain likes and followers on Instagram . These are some of the best tips to grow on Instagram.

How to gain followers on Instagram: 20 infallible Instagram Tips

If you are looking for how to gain followers on Instagram, there is no magic formula . Most of the people who succeed in this social environment do so through effort and dedication.

There is no trick or secret that will lead you to gain thousands of followers overnight, but there are some tips that can help you learn how to get followers on Instagram without money.

Next, we will explain some of the best tips to gain followers on Instagram:

1. Create a “Creator” or Business account on Instagram

Creator and business accounts are two types of profiles that any user with access to Instagram can create.

The main difference between these two accounts is that the first have details to facilitate day-to-day management, such as a simpler interface to publish content or the possibility of sending messages to all followers simultaneously.

The latter offer customizable profile controls, statistics and advanced analysis tools that will be useful for the development of strategies to gain followers on Instagram.

2. Define your audience

Before you start creating content to offer your product or service, you have to know who might be interested. To do this, answer these questions

  • Who do you want to reach?
  • What is your ideal client?
  • What kinds of things might interest you on Instagram?
  • What type of content could this person consume on Instagram?

This information will help you know who to contact and what content to create to establish a connection.

3. Interact with your followers

Engaging with your Instagram followers is vital to your success on the platform. Be sure to respond to their comments and questions, even if you don't have a lot of time to do so. You can reply with a photo, a video, or even write something short.

Interacting and responding to interactions with your followers will not only help you strengthen the bond with your audience, but it will favor you in terms of the visibility that the instagram algorithm offer to your publications.

4. Check the followers of your competition

If you want to increase your presence on Instagram, it is important that you follow the accounts of your competitors. In this way, you will be able to find accounts of companies and people in your market, which will help you to develop better strategies to gain followers.

Also, if you try to get followers by following people who follow, like comments on your competitor's followers account, you will be able to build a stronger relationship with them and increase the chances that they will follow you back.

Similarly, when evaluating your competition you should avoid using their same strategies or formulas, especially if these are larger accounts. The intention of this is to create your own strategies taking as a reference the mistakes and successes of your competitors .

5. Optimize your profile

If you want to get the most out of Instagram for your business, it is important that you optimize your profile. Choose the right content create a powerful visual style and align your message with your brand.

Add the right hashtags to gain followers and engage with them on a regular basis. Encourage interaction between your followers and make it as interesting as possible. Arouse the curiosity of your contacts with a good bio and try to maintain a professional tone throughout your entire strategy on Instagram.

Optimizing your profile to gain followers on Instagram is essential. These are some of the points that you should keep in mind.

  • A Good Instagram Bio : Writing a good Instagram bio is essential to gaining followers on Instagram. To do this, you must maintain a professional tone and offer information of interest to your contacts, especially if we are talking about a business account. However, you should also take into account the communication tone of your brand.
  • A good profile picture : The profile picture on Instagram is a crucial element for the identity of any business or brand on the platform, especially if you want to gain followers on Instagram. You can use the profile photo that you already have on your Twitter or Facebook account, but remember that users do not like to see the same photos on various social networks. Also, when it comes to companies, the best alternative is usually to use the company logo, while businesses and personal brands can use portraits.
  • A good username : Choosing a good username on Instagram is essential, especially if we are talking about small businesses and brands that are just starting to build a digital presence. A good username should be representative, short and easy to remember. Typically, companies use their trade names.

6. Interact with other brands

Interacting with other brands is a good way to increase the reach and visibility of your content. If you select brands whose products and services are complementary or related to your business offer, you will be able to target a larger audience.

However, you must be careful not to compete directly with them. By interacting with other brands, you will expose your content to their audience, allowing you to reach more people.

7. Post content daily

instagram recommends post about once or twice a day to increase the chances that your content will be seen and generate interaction.

If you post more frequently, people will see your content more often and you will be able to generate more interactions on the platform.

Also, posting regularly on Instagram becomes important considering that each of your posts is shown to only a percentage of your followers and, depending on the interactions you generate, the instagram algorithm could show them to a larger number of users.

Another key aspect in the importance of publishing content daily is in Build community with your followers . By posting frequently on Instagram, your audience will become accustomed to the type of content you offer, leading to more valuable interactions in the long run.

However, while it's important to post frequently, you should make sure you find a balance that helps you not to overpost. As usual, The optimal posting frequency on Instagram depends on the size of the account .

Accounts with 1,000 followers on Instagram can post multiple times a week and get good results, while accounts with 10,000 or 100,000 followers might need to post multiple times a day to maintain a healthy level of engagement on their posts.

8. Organize a raffle

Contests and sweepstakes are a great way to reward your followers, raise awareness of your brand, and generate interest in it.

In addition, it is an easy way to get followers if you run joint contests with influencers or other brands related to your account, increasing the value of the prize and the interest of the audience as a whole of the accounts involved.

To organize a giveaway and gain followers on Instagram, you must start from a goal Sure. This will allow you to establish conditions that help you achieve it.

Organizing a contest on Instagram is a strategy as simple as it is effective that will allow you to quickly generate interactions and attract a greater number of users. You just have to make sure you create a striking image, set conditions (follow your account, like your post, for example) and invite your followers to participate.

Although you can establish the conditions you want, you should keep in mind that the simpler they are, the more users will be encouraged to participate. Also, the prize must be attractive enough to arouse the interest of new followers .

9. Write good captions

The description or caption is an important part of your image, as it is where you complement your content and interact with your followers.

You must be proactive and ask your followers questions to get better results or even use different calls to action to motivate them to interact with your content, increase your visibility and increase the potential of your account to get followers on Instagram.

Your post descriptions are the perfect opportunity to show your audience the personality of your brand and you can use them in different ways to generate more interactions. One of the most effective ways to do this is through calls to action.

– Calls to action:
Calls to action, as the name suggests, are nothing more than invitations to your followers to take a specific action. This can be an invitation to like your post, to follow you, to tag other users or to comment.

Likewise, calls to action can also be questions related to the publication or anything that motivates them to respond in a comment to increase your interactions on Instagram.

– Use emoji:
Emojis are a language in itself and have become an essential piece of communication on social networks. Using emojis in your descriptions can help you increase the readability of your texts , whether you use them to replace words or ideas or as a way to categorize your writing.

However, to use emojis you must make sure that you understand the meaning that they have in the digital world. After all, the peach emoji can be so much more than just the fruit.

– The tone of your brand:
As we said a few paragraphs ago, descriptions are the perfect opportunity to show the personality of your business. However, before doing so, it is necessary to define the communication tone of your account.

The communication tone is a fundamental element in any brand strategy and must be based on the characteristics of your business and the preferences of the public you wish to attract.

For example, health-focused businesses tend to target a more adult audience, so their communications could have a more formal tone. While businesses focused on cosmetics or makeup are usually focused on a young audience, so they can be more jovial and close in the texts of their publications.

To find the tone of your brand You must define who your audience is , how they speak and what types of topics interest them. You can also see what your competition is doing to find the tone of voice that works best for the type of audience you want to attract.

10. Invest in Instagram Ads

Instagram Ads are ads that are published on Instagram with the aim of reaching Millions of active users who can become potential customers .

Thanks to the power of the Facebook database that allows you to create highly targeted Instagram ads, which considerably increases the benefit of investing in Instagram advertising and, in this way, achieve greater exposure of your brand and greater control over the reach that your content will have.

Unlike other social media, Instagram allows you to display ads based on your account settings (targets, audience…) and choose the daily budget you want to invest. This makes investing in Instagram ads easy and affordable for businesses of any size, even without having a big budget .

In this way, you go to a specific target or buyer persona and get followers very quickly and with an investment that is not high at all.

11. Do collaborations!

Collaborations are a good way to increase the reach of your Instagram account and get followers. It consists of working together with other Instagram accounts to share content. It is important that the collaboration is with people with a large number of followers to reach a larger audience.

Collaborating with other accounts can be even more effective if you choose influential profiles within your niche. whose offer is complementary to that of your account without being direct competition for your business.

12. Use Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories is a feature of Instagram that allows you to post content in story format, which disappears after 24 hours. This type of content is ideal for promoting your business, since you can include images, videos, and text.

In addition, this functionality allows you to engage more directly with your followers by tagging them in posts and asking them to submit photos or videos of themselves using your products.

Take advantage of Instagram stories to show the most spontaneous facet of your account and be sure to use stickers to increase engagement on your stories.

13. Do REELS, IGTV and direct

Live video is an amazing way to rank first and keep your followers connected. According to a study, 80% of people who watch live videos follow the account afterwards.

Additionally, live video makes people more responsive to your content and will help you build a closer relationship with your audience . Plan to make at least one video weekly for best results.

Although video has gained prominence on Instagram, one of the most successful formats on the platform is, without a doubt, Instagram reels .

Like TikTok videos, Instagram reels have a virality potential huge and usually generate a lot of visibility for your profile, so they can be the ideal way to get new followers and grow your Instagram profile.

Make sure you know the uses of each of the video formats so that you can create content that allows you to take full advantage of its benefits.

14. Schedule your posts on Instagram

It is very important to schedule posts to appear at the right time. If you do it in advance, your content will be more successful and seen more frequently. Also, it's a good idea to set aside a few days to schedule your posts (for example, Mondays and Wednesdays).

This way, you can focus all your efforts on creating new content for the rest of the week. hoot suite is an excellent tool that allows you to schedule your posts on Instagram.

15. Post at the best time

If you want your content to be seen by a larger number of people, it's important that you post at the right time. Discover the best times to post on Instagram looking at the statistics of your creator or business account.

According to statistics, the best time to post on instagram It is on Tuesday between 6:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. (Spanish time), although there is also a high level of audience and interactions from Monday to Friday between 6:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m.

16. Take care of the quality of your images

We have already talked about the importance of the quality of your photos to gain followers . When it comes to visual marketing, quality is key. If you want your images to shine for their excellence, you must dedicate the necessary time to give them a good treatment.

In addition, textured images are the ones that receive the highest number of likes on Instagram. If you are not happy with the appearance of your photo, do not upload it: only those that you can feel proud to share on your profile.

17. Find your brand voice

Brands looking to build a personal relationship with their customers through Instagram should use friendly language in their writing, so it feels familiar.

This means choosing your words carefully and using them to persuade or influence your audience. A successful tone of voice should go without warning. The voice of a brand is the mission statement, that is, what is the reason why your company exists? and use this answer as a way to connect with your target audience .

18. Analyze the results of your strategies

Instagram's various data collection tools allow you to measure the performance of your strategies, analyze your audience, and make better decisions about the posts you make.

Your goals and metrics can be more precisely defined using these tools, which will help you maximize the impact of your efforts.

Although there are third-party tools, the best way to evaluate the effectiveness of your strategies is in the statistics of your Instagram account. Here you can see the reach, actions and interactions that you have achieved in each of your publications, as well as see the most successful type of content among your followers .

Using this information in creating new strategies will allow you to get even better results in the long run. Also, you should make sure that you evaluate the statistics section on a regular basis so that you can make the necessary corrections in your content strategies.

19. Use different social networks

Social networks are an excellent tool to build relationships with other users and increase the visibility of your brand.

Instagram is a visual social network that allows you to easily share posts on other social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter. Using different social networks allows you to reach more people and get new followers.

However, it is important that the content you offer is adapted to each of the platforms on which you publish. This will allow you increase the effectiveness of your strategies so that your audience on each platform translates into new followers on Instagram.

In addition, you can also apply this same principle in different elements of your brand; email, promotional material and even physical spaces where you can include your Instagram handle as an element of your brand identity .

20. Use the tools offered by Webmy

Websites are an excellent tool to build relationships with other users, increase the visibility of your brand and reinforce it.

You also have extra services that offer you the creation of creatives such as short videos and custom designs for your publications, banners, logos and much more.

They also have a function in which they offer all kinds of services for the current social networks that dominate the market. Buy followers, visits, viewing hours, likes and even comments. Which you will be able to select as it fits your situation in a strategic way.