YouTube is one of the most consumed video platforms worldwide, where both content creators and their creativity are highly valued. But, not only the content matters, but also the strategies used to display and position it, therefore, we present to you 5 tips you need to know to be successful on YouTube .

1. Appearance of your channel

Take care of the appearance of your channel and look for it to be attractive to users, using a name, profile photo and cover photo that fit what you want to transmit. It is important that the images you use not only look good on the desktop version, but also on the mobile version.

In addition, include keywords in the description of your channel , which must be related to your market niche or sector. Don't forget to use an opening video at the top, where you briefly introduce your channel, and invite visitors to subscribe.

2. Know your audience and research your competition

Ideally, you should take advantage of the tools provided by the platform to find out the characteristics of your audience, that is, their age, gender, and location as basic data. It is important that you analyze who your loyal audience is.

On the other hand, keep your competition close and analyze their content , this is not only based on watching their videos, but also how they make them and how they work for them, you can also look for the keywords they use to position their videos .

You should not copy yourself, the idea is only to know what your competition is focused on, that is, where or where they concentrate their efforts.

3. Use keywords

Taking advantage of SEO positioning will help the platform recommend your videos. Searching for keywords is somewhat complex, as there are different ways to do it.

You can analyze the most used words through YouTube search, use Google trends to compare terms , and even use a keyword planner, for example Google Trends.

4. Create creative and relevant content

The objective is to create content that fits your essence, and that in turn is entertaining and useful for the user, the idea is to satisfy a need, which can be of any kind, from teaching a recipe, providing entertainment, or simply make a video answering the questions of your subscribers.

Do not forget to use “calls to action”, and remember that nothing drives your content more than the interaction of the users , that is, the way in which they consume your videos.

5. Boost your videos so that the algorithm sees them as relevant

You can also opt for a boost for the YouTube algorithm to take and see that that video is relevant as it gets a lot of views and likes.

This is a very good option, to support you while you gather your community organically, in this way, you can get off the ground faster and get better results.

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