Since its launch on October 6, 2010, Instagram has become one of the main social networks in the world. In fact, this application already has more than 1,270 million active users and this number does not stop growing.

Under this reality, the great reach of this social network is undeniable, reaching all social strata. For this reason, no company, organization or institution that intends to position its brand or message should be left out of Instagram. On the contrary, you should make every effort to make the most of the virtues of this wonderful platform.

Instagram bases its strength on the accessibility and immediacy of communication , in addition to allowing social interaction through the visualization of images and videos. In this sense, the developers of the application have created tools that allow the counting of views or visualizations.

How are views counted on Instagram?

This process of counting views or visualizations is very simple. When you upload a video to Instagram, the app shows the number of times a user has viewed it. However, for views to count, the minimum view time must be at least 3 seconds . Repeats are not counted.

On the other hand, when you share a certain video along with other photos and videos, the views cannot be displayed. This display option has been available on Instagram since 2016, and was established with the intention of helping the platform raise funds by hiring advertising.

In this context, we can assert that one of the main strategies to position an account on Instagram is to obtain greater reach from its publications. This means having a large number of unique visitors look at those posts.

Buy views in Instagram Stories

Due to the importance of views, today it is possible to buy views on Instagram Stories . With this we improve the positioning of the story, as well as the organic growth of the account.

1) Improve the positioning of the story

Positioning on Instagram is related to how followers perceive an account, that is, if they consider it important, relevant, tasteful, providing solutions, or simply entertaining. In this way, when views are bought in Instagram Stories, the positioning of the story is instantly improved.

2) Improve organic account growth

When you buy Instagram views, the visits increase, and by doing this, more people will be curious about the post and will therefore naturally click on it. This means greater popularity, increased followers and increased potential sales.

Buy views on Instagram Reels

Another interesting option is to buy views in Instagram Reels ; As we already know, Reels is a valuable tool that allows us to create short videos, as well as being able to edit them and share them with other users on this social network.

1) Improves the positioning of the Reel

Buying views on Instagram improves Reel positioning, this means that the positive perception of an account increases. Reels have become a very powerful marketing strategy, therefore as views increase, the possibility of reaching more audiences also increases.

2) Improve organic account growth

Buying Instagram Reel views also improves organic account growth by increasing visibility and allowing more users to join your account. Thanks to the Reels, you will be able to place ads of interest to your community, as well as guide visits to your profile.

Buy Live Instagram Live Views

Another interesting option is to buy views for Live Instagram . As many of you know, "Live" is a function of this social network, which allows us to broadcast live for a certain time, no longer than 4 hours, with a maximum of 4 live participants.

1) Improve the positioning of the direct

As with stories and reels, buying views in Lives improves direct positioning, that is, it enhances the public's perception of the penetration or reach of the account.

2) Improve organic account growth

In the same way, buying views in Instagram Lives or Directs improves the organic growth of the account. Users perceive greater authority in the person speaking, as well as greater interest from their followers.

Buy IGTV views

The next strategy is to buy views on IGTV , which, unlike Reels, allows the broadcast of long videos in vertical format. IGTV is a standalone app, it can be used directly through Instagram to play videos that are of interest to you.

1) Improve content positioning

Buying views on IGTV improves content positioning, and this occurs because the number of views generates a public perception that the account arouses interest in people. In this way, users will want to enter to observe the content that is hosted there.

2) Improve organic account growth

As in the previous case, buying views on IGTV improves the organic growth of the account. In fact, experts say that one of the indicators that measure the intensity with which an account grows is directly related to the views of its content in general.

In conclusion

Buying views on Instagram is the best way to increase the penetration and positioning of an account, whether we decide to buy views on Instagram or buy views on Instagram. These actions ensure us a resounding success in building the path towards credibility.

By buying views on Instagram we will save time and effort, increasing our users, as well as the possibilities of selling a certain product or service. In addition to this, by buying views on Instagram we will be taking a firm step to position ourselves strongly in the preferences of the public.